Payments Simplified

Thanks to the New QR-bill

The QR-bill: Efficiency Squared

The QR-bill modernizes Swiss payments. As of 30 September 2022, PostFinance will take the red and orange payment slips off the market. The QR-bill consists of a payment section and a receipt. All relevant information required for automatic and consequently efficient payment and book entry is included in Swiss QR Code.

The QR-bill and its digital possibilities will completely simplify payments. The benefits are clear:

Three Options For Paying a QR-bill Easily

And of course it is also quick and easy if you are using a business software. Bring it up to date! This ensures that the QR-bills will be actually paid.

Ready For the QR-bill!

Using your bank's mobile banking and e-banking solution, you can easily scan your QR-bills – regardless of whether you are acting as a private individual or on behalf of a company.

Fit For the QR-bill?

In the event that you have not yet ‘gone digital’, get fit for the QR-bill and use online banking of your bank. You will then be able to pay your QR-bills easily using e-banking at your home computer or by mobile banking when you are out and about.

The QR-bill – Briefly Explained

  • Just like existing payment slips, the QR-bill is divided into two parts – into a receipt (1) and a payment section (2).
  • The Swiss QR Code (3) contains all relevant information needed both for invoicing and for payment.
  • The perforation (4) means that you can easily separate the payment section and the receipt from the invoice and either pay it into the post office, just as you did before, or send it to your bank with the payment order by mail.

What to do when you get a QR-bill without amount or without name and address?

Enter the missing data manually.

Further Information

This is where you will find more information about the QR-bill – in your language and in a form that is easily downloadable.

FAQs Regarding the QR-bill