eBill – Paying Invoices Made Easy

Your Benefits: Pay Simply, Quickly and Securely

eBill is the digital invoice for Switzerland. With eBill, you no longer receive your invoices by mail or e-mail but direct in your e-banking – where you can also pay them. With just a few clicks, you can check and pay with full control over all transactions.

Around two million Swiss invoice recipients currently use eBill. Make it easier for yourself and register for eBill here.

Activate eBill Now

Log in to your e-banking account at your financial institution and activate eBill. Now look for the desired invoice issuers and you will receive and pay invoices digitally.

Practical Functions of eBill

Thanks to these useful features, eBill is even easier, faster and more convenient. Give it a try!

Add Invoice Issuers

Companies from which you receive invoices or would like to receive invoices in the future are also automatically added to eBill at your request.

Manage Invoices in a Team

Simply invite other eBill users you trust to eBill sharing and manage invoices together – of course, you retain control of all processes.

Standing Approval for Recurring Invoices

With just a few clicks, you can automatically approve regular invoices and no longer have to worry about them.

Using eBill as a Company

With eBill for Business, you as an SME can authorize several employees to view, approve or reject payments – without any need for ERP integration.

eBill Facts and Figures

2 million 2 million
registered users who receive, check and approve invoices via the eBill infrastructure.
95% 95%
of all Swiss financial institutions are connected to the eBill infrastructure.
0 0
cases of fraud or abuse thanks to the highest technical and organizational security standards of the eBill infrastructure.