New Prospects for Invoicing

Thanks to QR-bill and eBill

From the Analog to the Digital World of Invoicing

As of 30 September 2022, PostFinance has taken the red and orange payment slips off the market. Welcome to the digital age of invoicing with the QR-bill and eBill. You benefit from numerous advantages for your company and your customers.

The Changeover Took Place on 30 September 2022!

Make sure you take the necessary steps with your bank or software provider so you can seamlessly send invoices to your customers on time. Give your accounting system the digitalization boost it needs now.

Advantages of Digitalization:

Welcome to the Digital World of Invoicing: QR-bill and eBill.

Digitalize and automate your invoicing and simplify payment transactions for your customers in the future:

The most important answers to the termination of the payment slip (IS/ISR)