Payments Simplified.

Fully digital payments – thanks to eBill.

eBill: Digitally Into the Future.

No matter, whether telephone, electricity, medical insurance or credit card invoices: With eBill, you no longer receive your invoices by mail to your mailbox or e-mail, but directly in your e-banking. The electronic invoice can be viewed, checked and paid at any time in e-banking. With a few clicks of the mouse, you have everything under control, all with the high level of security of e-banking.

Paying is even easier with eBill.    

  • Approve invoices: You can improve each invoice for payment on a certain date with one click of your mouse.
  • Standing approval: You can set up a standing approval for repeat invoices with fixed amounts. You determine the amount or the maximum amount and set the date for approving the invoice. You retain full control until the payment is finally carried out.

Your Benefits: Pay Simply, Quickly and Securely.

Thanks to eBill, the receiving and payment of invoices is digitized seamlessly. You no longer have to move back and forth between e-mails and e-banking and input long sequences of numbers.

Activate eBill Now

Log in to your e-banking account at your financial institution and activate eBill. Now look for the desired invoice issuers and you will receive and pay invoices digitally.

Further information

This is where you can find more information about the benefits and the use of eBill. In your own language, of course, and quite easy to download.